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Competitions for 2022 – 2023 Season

BSC Gala Shedule

October 8/9 Aspiring UL
October 23 rd Future Challenger Douglas pool
TT for kids under 10yr
October 28 – 30 Dolphin Open Mayfield
November 11 – 13th Regional SC UL
December 3/4th Future Challenger TBD
December 15 -17 Irish SC NAC
January 20 – 22 Leinster Open D2 & D1 swimmers NAC
Gerry Ryan UL
January 29th Future Challenger Mayfield
February 4/5th Munster Schools UL
February 24 – 26th Dave McCullagh Bangor
Ennis Invitation Ennis
March 11th Future Challenger TBD
March 25 -26th Irish Schools NAC
Aspiring UL
April 1 – 5th Irish Open NAC
April 22 – 23th Kingdom Invitation Tralee
May 5 – 7th Munster Champs UL
May 13th John Dempsey Memorial UL
May 27/28 Michael Bowle Douglas
June 11th Dolphin Minnows Mayfield
July 5 – 9th National D2 UL
July 26 – 30th National D1 NAC

Gala Info

Swimming Galas are held throughout the year. Coaches will select swimmers to enter these based on their ability and the criteria set out by Swim Ireland. Only swimmers that are registered as competitive will be eligible to be considered for gala entry.

Gala Day Information

Please note some important information and advice to make sure everyone is prepared and can enjoy the day.

  • Please make sure each child eats a good breakfast before leaving the house on the morning of the Gala.
  • Children will need to bring – Togs and goggles (spare pair of each if you have them), 2 towels, a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of flip flops and a club had as this enables the coaches to identify he swimmers in the water (available to purchase through the club).
  • Please ensure your child brings a packed lunch (rolls, pasta etc.) include plenty of water (not fizzy drinks).
  • When swimmers arrive at the pool please check in with the coach and team manager. All swimmers should try to sit together as a team.  The team manager/coach will let swimmer know what heat and lane they are in. On finishing a race, swimmers should ask time keepers for their times and report back to the coach.
  • It is important that after each race children have a shower and dry off, put on dry clothes and flip flops to keep warm between races. They should also drink plenty of water.

There should be no pressure put on any child to compete. Some will like it some might not. That is okay.  Galas should be enjoyed, used to make new friends and soak up the atmosphere.


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